Dear Councillor,

You are hereby summoned to attend the next meeting of ANCASTER, SUDBROOK AND WEST WILLOUGHBY PARISH COUNCIL which will take place via ZOOM on Monday 18 January 2021 at 7.30pm.

The meeting will begin with a 10-minue Public Forum. Anyone wishing to attend the virtual meeting should email the Clerk denise.gascoyne@ancasterpc.org by Friday 15th January 2021 with subject and an invitation will be sent.

Denise Gascoyne
Parish Clerk


1.    Chairman’s Welcome.

2.    Apologies for Absence: To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Parish Clerk prior to the meeting.

3.    Declarations of Interest: To receive Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest in Agenda items not previously noted on Members’ Register of interest and any written requests for dispensation.

4.    To approve and accept as a true record the notes of the meeting of the Council held on 14 December 2020 and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes.

5.    Report from County Councillor/District Councillor:
a.    Update (if any) – Cllr Wootten
b.    Update (if any) – Cllr Stokes
6.    Speed Watch:
a.    Update (if any)

7.    Highways Issues:
a.    Confirmation the ‘Big Clean’ has been w.c 21.12.20 and should be returning last week of February.
b.    Update on repair of potholes.
8.    Parish Clerk Update:
a.    To discuss purchase of further dog bin and quotations for emptying bins
b.    Confirmation old website was switched off on 30.12.20. 
c.    Confirmation request has been set to refill grit bin Main Street/Carlton Road Sudbrook

9.    Correspondence:
a.SKDC Pop Up Create! Arts Activity Day – circulated to all Cllrs – now delayed until later in the year.
b. ICCM Updates – circulated to Cllr Newton, Dr J Entwistle and Cllr Sayer
c. Lincolnshire Schools Admissions Policy – circulated to Cllr Sayer and Dr J Entwistle
d. Notification if we plan any building repairs/renovation work/new build we may need Works in Progress(WIP) insurance – circulated to Cllr Sayer and Cllr Newton
e. LALC e-news circulated to all Cllrs.
f. LALC News No.174 – circulated to all Cllrs.
g. The Clerk magazine – forwarded to Cllr Sayer.
h. ICCM ‘The Journal’ – forwarded to Cllr Newton.
i. Clerks and Councils direct – forwarded to Cllr Sayer.
j. Notification of closure of Ermine Street Railway Bridge for maintenance (no pedestrian access) 14.02.21-20.02.21 22.00-12.00  as and when required.
l. LCC New Year newsletter – circulated to all Cllrs.
10.    Cemetery/Newton Meadow:
a.    To confirm  updated burial charges – circulated to all Cllrs.
11.    Grass Cutting/Grounds Maintenance:
a.    Update on grass cutting tenders.
b.    Confirmation LCC will pay a contribution of £557.87for Urban Highway grass cutting based on a minimum of 3 cuts in line with LCC policy.

12.    Finance:
a.    To resolve to approve Staff BACS Payments as per the approval list – circulated to Cllrs prior to the meeting.
b.    To resolve to approve Cheque/DD Payments as per the approval list – circulated to Cllrs prior to the meeting.
c.    To resolve to accept Bank Reconciliations and Cashbook to 31 December 2020

13.    Planning: To consider and make observations on all planning applications.
a.    20/1664/CCC Planning permission for installation of modular staff amenity and training building at New Earth Solutions(West) Ltd. FOR INFORMATION ONLY.
b.    S20/1918 Planning permission for two storey side and front extension 66 Mercia Drive. FOR INFORMATION ONLY.
c.    PL/0016 Planning permission to regularise the existing site infrastructure Inc. Welfare accommodation, carparking and water storage tank Copper Hill Quarry. FOR INFORMATION ONLY.

14.    Parish Hall:
a.    Update on price for heating system.
b.    Confirmation parish hall 

15.    Playing Field:

16.    Report from Councillors:
a.    Bus Shelter – Cllr J Leighton
b.    Christmas 2021 – Cllr D Sayer

17.    Training:
a.    Accounts & Audit – Clerk 03 March 2021

18.    Date of Next Meeting:
a.    To  note the next meeting as 15 February 2021 via Zoom