15 March 2022

Dear Councillor,

You are hereby summoned to attend the next meeting of ANCASTER, SUDBROOK, AND WEST WILLOUGHBY PARISH COUNCIL to be held on 21st March 2022     in the Parish Hall Annexe at 7.30pm.

Prior to the commencement of the meeting there will be a 10-minute Public Forum when members of the public may address or put questions to the Parish Council on any matter connected with the Agenda, or for inclusion on a future Agenda. They are welcome to stay for the remainder of the meeting but can take no further part in proceedings.

Denise Gascoyne
Parish Clerk


1.    Chairman’s Welcome and Housekeeping Arrangements.

2.    Apologies for Absence: To receive and accept apologies where valid reasons for absence have been given to the Parish Clerk prior to the meeting.

3.    Declarations of Interest: To receive Declarations of Interest under the Localism Act 2011 – being any pecuniary or non-pecuniary interest in Agenda items not previously noted on Members’ Register of interest and any written requests for dispensation.

4.    To approve and accept as a true record the notes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 21 February 2022  and to authorise the Chairman to sign the official minutes.

5.    Vacancy for a Parish Councillor:
a.    To confirm we can co-opt after 16 March for one vacancy
b.    To confirm we can co-opt after  01 April  for second vacancy

6.    Report from County Councillor/District Councillors:
a.    Reports (if any)

7.    Speed Watch:
a.    Reports (if any)

8.    Highways Issues:
a.    Report re planned application by Network Rail to downgrade restricted byway No.7
b.    Update on Copper Hill – mud/mess on road

9.    Parish Clerk Update:
a.    To approve Calendar of Meetings 2022-2023 – already circulated.
b.    Confirmation replacement street signs for ‘Ermine Street,’ ‘Brookside’ and ‘Mercia Drive’ have all been requested.
c.    Update on purchase of signs for village gates
d.    Update from Traffic Police
e.    Update on purchase of Notice Board Sudbrook
f.    To nominate someone to empty dog bins in Sudbrook.
10.    Correspondence:
a.    LALC e-news 
b.    Local Councils Update
c.    ICCM Spring 2022
d.    Rail Lincs
11.    Cemetery and Newton Meadow:
a.    To organise a working party meeting and timetable for the cemetery

12.    Grass Cutting/Grounds Maintenance:
a.    Community Orchard – Lectern to identify trees
b.    Confirmation LCC grass cutting agreement with updated maps has been signed and returned. 

13.    Finance:
a.    To resolve to approve and accept Bank Reconciliations, Bank Transfers and Cashbook (already circulated) to 28  February 2022 and for Chairman to sign.
b.    To resolve to approve and accept staff BACS payments as per the Approval List and authorise the Clerk to make the payments and the Chairman to sign.
c.    To resolve to approve and accept BACS/DD payments as per the Approval List and authorise the Clerk to make the payments and the Chairman to sign.

d.    Confirmation Waste collection contract parish hall has been renewed – slight increase of £26 pa.
e.    Confirmation Garden Waste 2022/2023 renewal has been received.
f.    Confirmation LCC will contribute £585.72 towards grass cutting costs.

14.    Planning: To consider and make observations on all planning applications.
a.    S21/2261 – Retention of 2 static Caravans, The Little Homestead confirmation of objections have been forwarded to SKDC
b.    S22/0045 Planning permission replace pantile roof with new pantiles in a conservation area 19a Ermine Street. FOR INFORMATION ONLY.
c.    PL/0156/21 Planning permission for Formation of forced aeration reed bed surface water treatment and drainage system New Earth Solutions(West)Ltd FOR INFORMATION ONLY.
d.    S21/2427 Planning permission erection of single storey gable extension Rose Cottage Sudbrook. FOR INFORMATION ONLY.

15.    Parish Hall:
a.    To discuss quotation for new fire doors and windows 
b.    Update on Cycle storage parish hall.
c.    Update on upper room
d.    To discuss quotation for new sign on parish hall.
e.    Letter from Social Club re storage of glasses

16.    Report from Councillors:
a.    Update from Cllr Dr Entwistle re Welcome Pack and Parish Information.
b.    Cllr Mrs Pearsey – Pigs at West Willoughby

17.    Playing Field:
a.    Request for donation towards Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

18.    Training:

19.    Date of Next Meeting:
a.    To confirm the next meeting as  18 April at 7.30pm in the parish hall annexe.